Being a member belonging to a Gen Z generational cohort, even a Millennial for that matter, the way we perceive worldly phenomenon contradicts to that of a Baby Boomer, Gen X or Gen Alpha. Especially in subtle matters such as Christianity and spirituality which are highly subjective ideations, the perceptions and acts highly contradicts and this is often reflected in a current family unit context where parent’s style of worship differs to that of children in the same family. These demarcations happen as the feel of the religion evolve with generational unfolds.

In personal perspective over the years, Catholic devotion has been travelling in a path laid down to us by the Church well supported with prayers and liturgies. Our ancestors began to feel the presence of God in their lives by reciting these prayers on a daily basis till the words hit the right bottom of their hearts and no more prayer books were needed to recite them anymore. One could argue that such recitation of prayers is meaningless as the prayers must be felt from heart deeply attached to our personal lives. Nevertheless, even up to this point of writing, most of the older generations are used to the style of reading prayer books to build the connection with God whilst the younger generations seek for God’s presence through music, church artifacts, omens and human relationships.

Undoubtedly music plays a pivotal role in making devotees feel God’s presence in their lives, as its feels in the lyrics and melodies reconnect spiritual touchpoints of human beings. The visual imagination of the meaning embedded in the lyrical composition of a hymn transforms us to a world of spiritual realms. Similarly, the artifacts of churches that resembles statues, architecture and liturgical monuments replenish the visual senses of a devotee that ignite fumes of spiritual connection with God. The present-day generations are more attached to musical embrace and it is certain that their human relationships are driven in the tunes that make up their mind throughout the day. In this limelight we could identify that music is a strong medium that set the background to feel God’s presence in our lives.

In general context a person that understands there is a clear distinction between being religious and being spiritual comprehend the path to identify God’s presence in life is a mutual concoction between both. The common miscomprehension is that people tend to feel our connection with God occur as prayers or words are muttered from our mouths. The moment we realise Godly connection just like every other human connection is not restricted to words but thoughts, expressions and feelings, we are intertwined with God’s divine pulse.

In realization of God’s divine presence in our day-to-day living, the ecstatic nature and its living creatures sets the picturesque setting for the feel. Each tree and its fruits and leaves, the flora and fauna, the fountains, little water streams to waterfalls with gushing waters, the benevolent flowers and the scenic landscapes proclaim God’s wonders. The humming birds during the dawn dance to the naturistic tunes created by the mild breeze in the morning whilst the dusk opens the sky like a beautiful pastel palette of God’s painting desk.

Setting apart all the worldly elements that drive us to God’s presence, the main edifice of a God feel is one’s heart itself with psychology attached. Spirituality is a heartily felt phenomenon that is highly subjective and cannot be converted into words. Ones journey with God is a unique footprint that is not replicated in another human being, hence is the ability of feeling how close one self is to God. Prayer in the form of talking to God and listening to him is the main connecting dot for us to feel His presence in our lives. We have been taught and understood from the society and its happenings that one need to have a separate time for prayer, a time to get isolated with God alone, a private conversation with God which is an absolute necessity and a truth. Nevertheless, prayer has surpassed the mere words and conversation in modern context and outreached to the levels of being reflected through simple acts offered out of kindness and love. Even a simple positive thought about another person could be a prayer. Hence, it is how we offer and converse about our day to day lives and its happenings with God that aid us in understanding Gods presence in our lives. Perhaps when you know that you are the only person within you, it is comfortable to allow room for God to be in yourself equivocally, so that He is your partner in conversation in the simplest minute and second. Such close acquaintances are what retains Gods feel in our lives as we not treat God as a separate entity. God and you become one under one flesh.

Whilst this thought-provoking perception sound mysterious in one aspect, as the author of the article, it is with complete assurance the idea is presented having felt Gods presence throughout every course of life. Similar to the connection one has with their life partners, consider God too as your non-biological partner that share life with you. It’s the sharing of ideas, feelings and emotions and talking to God as a close companion of what you feel and how you feel about a moment that rejuvenate the live wire of divine presence. All the physical elements presented to us by the Holy Catholic Church are mere mediums to reinstate the emotional connection we have built with God. A medium could only drive you towards a destination but living and enjoying the journey is one’s utmost responsibility.

Struggling fiercely in this roller coaster ride of life, sharing the journey with God may sound tedious and extra work as it requires mindfulness, meditation and practice. Nevertheless, as you master the art of being in intertwining flame with God, not a single moment in your life could feel wasted. However, this does not assure that your life would be free from sin. Even with God beside you, the temptations remain. But the courage to overcome them and the strength in knowing God is right within you awakens your consciousness triggering your life towards repentance more often than before. 

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