As the season of weddings are round the corner with month of February has almost come to an end, the young lads and lasses are on the lookout for possible and convenient churches to host their most memorable event of their lifetime. Touring round the 699 square kilometers long Colombo district area in Sri Lanka, diverse architecturally enhanced beautiful churches could be found as ideal locations to host one’s wedding mass celebration. As Colombo being a centralized ideal city with convenience and infrastructure for the wedding guests to attend, finding an ideal Church venue for your wedding is an important task. Hence, our best picks go as follows;

St. Mary’s Church, Bambalapitiya

Located towards right at the beginning of Lauries road of Bambalapitiya, St. Mary’s church is one of the frequent venues for wedding masses due to its ample parking spaces and the adjacent well-maintained garden right beside the church that also could be used to host post-wedding mass garden gatherings in a beautiful western aesthetic surrounding. Church also provides a spacious parish hall once again which could be converted for a small banquet followed by the wedding mass. The interiors of the church welcome a massive gathering with its simplicity and convenient access. Being a church with a history of over centenary, the current Church premises was ordained in the year 1917.

All Saints Church, Borella

Another frequent location that hosts wedding masses due to its history and architecture in church interiors. Situated in Ananda Rajakaruna Mawatha of Colombo 10, adjacent to Wesley College and Punchi Borella, All Saints church is a catholic church that attracts many devotees due to its centralized location. With adequate space for parking adjacent to the church property, All Saints make an ideal venue for your wedding mass. Being a Church with a rich history where beginnings date back to 1884 and construction of the Church premises having begun in the year 1935.

St. Therese Church, Thimbirigasyaya

A peaceful location of worship in the busy bustling streets that attracts diverse devotees and hosts many wedding masses. Located in Thimbirigasyaya road at Colombo 05, St. Therese is a Catholic church with a lush garden space built and founded by the Dominican fathers however later handed over to the Redemptorist congregation in 1965. Due to its simple church interiors and spacious outlay, St. Therese is one of the commonly used locations for Catholic wedding masses.

Church of our Lady of Fatima, Maradana

Located in the heart of Colombo, Fatima Church is similar to a hidden jewel in the busy concrete paradise that allows devotees to recline in prayer being covered from bustling noise. Many devotees visit this church and choose the venue to have their wedding mass for its unique architectural curve shaped assembly layout in the interiors that provides a holistic view for all the attendees during the ceremony.

Holy Rosary Church, The Golden Shrine of Infant Jesus Church, Slave Island

One of the core locations situated in a very accessible central location, the Infant Jesus Church holds a very close place in the hearts of diverse devotees in Colombo. With a medium sized outlay, Church attracts many to its premises as it is located in the middle of an immersed area of Colombo 02 that connects to six main roads of the city. Due to its centralized location majority of the parishioners host wedding masses in this blessed Church.

St. Lucia’s Cathedral, Kotahena

Located at the north east of Colombo, Kotahena area, St. Lucia’s origins date back to 1881 where its structures emerged from Dutch occupations and the constructions were completed in the year 1902. With its giant structure and rich architectural value that has a majestic dome and breathtaking long stained-glass windows, St. Lucia’s provide a westernized touch for your wedding if you are planning on inviting a gigantic number of guests for your big day. The echoing of the choir that cascade through the melancholic walls of the church surely provides a heavenly touch for your wedding mass at the cathedral. Located at a hill top in Kotahena, the cathedral is a magical location for wedding masses.

St. Lawrence Church, Wellawatte

Inaugurated in the year 1938, St. Lawrence Church is situated in Wellawatte of Colombo 06, that is accessible through Galle Road. With a welcoming architecture, the Church provides a holistic spiritual feeling for special masses such as wedding ceremonies. The convenient access and being surrounded by a highly devoted Tamil Catholic community of Colombo, St. Lawrence is one of the main Churches that hosts wedding masses of the surrounding Tamil communities. The spacious interiors and exterior make the venue an ideal location to hosts wedding masses slightly away from the busy Colombo streets.

Whilst there are quite a few more churches in the heart of Colombo and many beautiful and serene Churches in the suburbs, the above suggested locations make an ideal fit if you are planning to host your wedding mass. Make sure the most integral element of your wedding schedule is the Holy Mass where you offer the divinity of your union to God first prior to any other celebration which set the path to a humble and ecstatic marital commitment afterwards. Nevertheless, in the modern days, prime importance is given to wedding banquet ceremonies instead of the Church mass celebration as Catholics are losing to see the prominence of having a meaningful liturgical ceremony as they embrace a new phase in life. However, as the couple the decision of selecting the ideal Church for your important day is a decision you would feel as you enter each of the above Churches. Not to forget documentation works exist irrespective of the Church you choose. Perhaps you may not want to have your wedding mass at your own parish instead in another Church location that feels closer to your heart, therefore go visit these churches today and feel which one becomes a special place to have your wedding mass.

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