Today I would like to tell you about Christian God. And especially I would like to envisage in what God the Christians believe.

The most beautiful thing in the conception of Christian God is not his transcendent and immanent nature, but his love for the people. What is natural for Christians and can’t be accepted by atheists is the liberty that God gives to us. We have the liberty to choose to be with God or not. But the most beautiful thing in our relationship with God is that if we accept His love, we reveal real liberty, liberty from our sins. We reveal the real sense of our life; we find the sense of our existence. Many Atheists say to Christians that God is really evil because of all cataclysms in our world. But firstly, we shouldn’t forget that God in most cases stays with us in the most difficult periods of our life; secondly, as God gave us the liberty and, he limited his power in our lives, our; and the last thing that all Christians believe in the life after death.

We speak always about the Trinity that consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Many discussions and councils have been convoked to define the differences between three persons in Trinity. I would like to give you two very nice examples of harmony, co-working between the three persons. I want to speak here about the Holy Communion or as we called nowadays Eucharist and about Lord’s pray or as we also called Our Father.

This Sacrament represents three persons of Trinity. The Holy Communion was given to us by the Son but we see also the Holy Spirit that consecrated elements of the Eucharist because of the Father that gives the Holy Spirit.

Our Father was given as pray to us by the Son but in address of the Father.

The Trinity is a really exciting representation of our God. It’s three persons of the same God that act in different beautiful ways in our life.

God acts every day in our life, but we need to establish a relationship with God to feel the presence of the Trinity in our life.

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