The goodness of our Lord is infinite, yet we often forget how Awesome our God is. As we struggle our daily toil against the tides of life, the covering shelter and the protecting eagle’s wings are only provided through Gods goodness and gracious heart. Over and above all the people of our lives, above the things and places we treasure the most, above the incidents that bruised and pained us to the core, love of our Awesome God is priceless. One of the toughest task for the writer is presenting only five reasons of our Almighty God’s awesomeness, however;

Our God is a fountain of Selfless Love

A fountain generally is a natural water spring that always has and flows water. There is no end of water in fountains, so does God’s love. Even if you ask him to not love you, He will still love you. In this life, we would not ever meet another person with a selfless love similar to that of God’s, to the very extent His love is unfathomable and vast. In the Biblical stories we learn how Jesus sacrificed his life for us, which is an epitome of selfless and sacrificial love. Unless you are threatened or it is your duty as for soldiers to sacrifice your life for another, would anyone willingly embrace death for another? Jesus birth to this world was God’s plan to plant the seed of true love and discipleship in His flock that were going astray. Our awesome God’s love is immeasurable and endless, no yardstick could be used to determine the greatest love of God.

A God that forgives to infinite times

The strength of our religion remains in the blessing we as Catholics receive from the greatest sacrament of forgiveness. Our God is good, kind hearted and gracious enough to forgive our sins that we commit without our consciousness. Even perhaps the sins we commit with intention provided a genuine repentance is sought, God forgives. Most of the instances we as human beings reach disappointment in life is when we realize our paths have crossed unintended destinations and committed grievous sins that we seldom could forget and forgive ourselves. However, our Good Lord is a father that forgives his children not only seven times but seventy times of seven as he has taught us to do the same.

God is our protector, always

This denotes not preliminary the physical protection but the dangers that engulf us in various forms devouring our lives in the least expected hour and occasion. The werewolves that wear saintly robes around us to destroy us in secrecy. A humans mindset and ability to sense dangers are minimal, thus often we end up getting caught up in traps and snares that ruins our lives. However, our God who is always with us protecting us from all the troubles and deceptions is a full time protector. He shows the path that is best for us, warns us of signs that could bring us harm and at time deliberately stop certain incidents which we presumed to be good for us but not in the eyes of God. Lately, little did we realize it happened for our own benefit.

God knows everything

This life is a story we act based on what is written unto each person’s life book. One could write his/her auto-biography, however that is depending on the period that s/he lived and how the story unfolded during the tenure. No person could write or predict any future to the most accurate degrees because only God knows what is has been, what it is now and what it will be in future. As we all know, God wrote our life stories, so there is absolutely nothing that could happen in his absence, in fact Matthew 10:30 in the Holy Bible mentions that ‘even the hairs of your head have all been counted’. The apostle emphasize the degree of familiarity and closeness God has in our lives. No one would ever know better about you and me than as much as God knows about us. It is not even a fact, it is the truth. Even if we try to do certain things in life perceiving, God will not know, it would be hilarious. What could you ever hide from Him?

God is everything

This is not the same as before because God is a package of everything one could ask for. Our God is always awesome, however the realization of that greatness and awesomeness is the connection we have with Him. The journey of Faith we live with God determines how much we feel how awesome our God is. Our life journey here on earth is shorter and it is only a pilgrimage we live. The real life for all the believers of Christ is right above in heaven. Thus, no matter the efforts you put forth in this short life to acquire and accumulate worldly riches, none of those would provide you the spiritual connection with God. Whatever we do in this life, tuning ourselves to God is the core purpose, when the purpose is lost why would we even live?

Friends, our God is awesome in all the ways we could imagine. Just like you know how much your partner/parents/siblings or friends in life love you because they are close to you and you are closer to them, unless you move closer to God, chances are rare you would feel God is awesome. He is anyway closer to us but it is us who are still away, because ‘God only knows what you’ve been through, He only knows what others say about you’ and most importantly ‘God only knows the real you’. Often we live our lives wearing many unreal faces suitable to each location, but it is only amidst God’s presence we present ourselves as we are, wearing no faces than our real self. Our God is the only person who would never judge us. No matter who we are, for God we are always His loving children.

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