An entire world this year celebrated Christmas in a different way limited to various restrictions imposed by the ruling bodies and health authorities. As for some it never felt like Christmas because their Christmas was only about doing shopping, indulging in festive meals, sipping spirits of all kinds and partying all days long. However, for those who celebrated the real spirit of Christmas with minimal showing off and lavish spending this year was another beautiful yet memorable festive celebration. As the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of the most Holy Family it is such a favourable time to recollect and reminisce the value of family to any person’s life. After all nothing in life matters the most as much as your family. Some tries to deny this fact whilst some treasure it with all their might and enjoy every tiny moment of that happiness because some people out there in the world cry day and night with no family around and therefore it is disheartening to take your family for granted for whatever the reason.

The most Holy Family is the foundation for Catholic family life that is driven by the spirituality deriving from the beginning of this world. Our first parents; Adam and Eve was gifted two children to stabilize the reality of life through the robust foundation of a family. God made a man and woman first as they are living force that creates the beautiful union of family whom together bring forth children that carries throughout the generations. Family is a phenomenon that is highly mentioned and valued in any religion because the world becomes beautiful as people share in that happiness and love embedded in the family bond. Christmas is a period where generally families get together and share the happiness of gathering and togetherness. Throughout the year we struggle and strive in this race of life to keep the momentum moving. However towards the end every member in the family look forward to get back to where they started or rather their family, the parents, siblings, cousins and relatives to share the joy of Christmas spent as one big family. It is indeed an undeniable time where we exchange gifts, laugh about all our stories of the year, cook hearty meals and share with everyone, play games, go on small picnic, pay visits to relatives, sing carols and many more. Christmas holidays is a period that extends the lifeline of each person providing with more joy to look forward for the coming year.

However this year many families could not meet as planned or even participate for the Christmas Eve mass as usual. The global pandemic has twisted and changed all the traditions and people’s lifestyle’s unfolding a new world of our own. Apart from all the material possessions some could not achieve for this Christmas the real spirit of Christmas was not lost for those who searched for it. May be we could not celebrate as a family, visit our relatives or attend church, however, the most important message of preparing ourselves, our hearts and the spirituality to live the humbleness of Christ Emmanuel still persist. For those who considered Christmas as a time of sharing and giving more than receiving, this Christmas was yet another remarkable one.

As we meditate upon the beauty of the Holy Family on a day like today, it’s important to retrospect our own relationships in our families. Are we doing enough to show our love towards our family? Do we have a soft corner for everyone in the family? Do they matters to me the most? Am I spiritually connected with my family? Friends, your family may not understand you at times, in fact you may get hurt more hastily from your family than from anyone else but your family is the only place you become patient to an unidentifiable extent because you are connected by blood with them, more than that they knows who you are more than anyone else, the love that flows between a family bond is irreplaceable and not comparable. As of someday you would realize the loneliness of this world when your family is not around you. Ever since Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, Mother Mary and St. Joseph devoted their lives to protect baby Jesus because it was their only son gifted by God though they clearly knew he was also the son of God. Despite the uncertain future of the child as the mother and father they took utmost care of Jesus portraying the extreme maternal and paternal love. As a family the family grew up in God-fearing environment giving prominence to God before everything. At times St. Joseph or Mother Mary hardly comprehended Jesus words or the behaviour but their utmost faith in God kept them moving strong. Therefore this beautiful Holy Family today invites all of us who are a part of family to live each day with the same profound faith in God for he will take your family safe and sound through all troubled waters.

Have a Blessed Christmas!

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