Christmas 2020 is going to be different. Our new normal has already been established. The invitation worldwide is to gather at home to avoid big crowds and follow protocols. Many countries are experiencing a second wave, and the reality is, we will be limited in many ways to celebrate like we used to. The Christmas season is not canceled. On the contrary, it should be celebrated in a special way. Think creatively; let your child-like spirit flourish to find a balance between safety and normalcy.

The following are some ideas I put together to have a Very Merry Christmas.

1. Zoom-Christmas Party

You guessed it; Zoom will be your secondary space to consider when your guests’ limit at the house has been reached. Most of our birthdays have been celebrated over Zoom, and Jesus Christ’s birthday, will too. There are many pros to having a virtual gathering; you will not only be safe, but you can also invite more people. All those family members that are overseas and usually never make it for Christmas most likely will join. All they need is a computer with a camera, internet connection, and a zoom account.

Family Christmas Party Online

Regarding food and beverages, you can be as creative as possible. Either you select a traditional family recipe and ask that every household make it or buy a boxed meal and ship it to them as a surprise. You can get as thoughtful and detailed as you want.

Do not forget prayer. You can ask all the households invited to write a letter to Jesus Christ thanking him for his sacrifice and for all that He has done this year and share it out loud. If you haven’t done it ever, Kids love singing Happy Birthday, and you can make or buy a cake for Baby Jesus. This is an opportunity to bring new family traditions.

If you absolutely would like to host a party at your home, make sure you keep masks on and try to be as socially distanced as possible. Even on the dance floor.

2. Online or Amazon Wish-List

You already have one for the items you have not been ready to buy all year; why not share it with your family members? and let them surprise you this Christmas. As for the children, you can ask them to still write their letter to St. Nicholas ( Santa Claus) or Baby Jesus and create a  Christmas Wish List with the items you will not be able to buy for them.

Make sure you remind your family members to send gifts on time and wrapped up. ( Amazon does it for you) so that the kids can find them under the Christmas tree.

3. Watch the service from home

Regarding church, the protocol for many denominations is to RSVP, or they will have limited space on a first-come, first-served basis. The advantage of watching it from home is that you do not expose your elderly family members to the virus. You can decorate an altar and keep your Nativity Scene close to the TV and create a recreate a reverent atmosphere at home.

Regardless of how you will honor Jesus of Bethlehem this year, make sure the family understands the true meaning of Christmas. A savior was born in the city of David. The promised Messiah came to the World to redeem us and restore our friendship with God. His birth brings Hope to all of us, and we rejoice! Do not forget to give Jesus the gift of your life. Merry Christmas!

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