The COVID-19 pandemic time is a difficult moment for many reasons:  financial instability, psychological isolation, anxiety for the future. It’s also a difficult time for our faith, especially for practicing believers. Why especially for them? Many believers live their faith as automatism. They participate every week in religious celebrations because it’ a part of their routine life.

The practicing believers faced the reality that showed the disconnection between the real faith and the practice.

For example, many catholic practicing believers told me that they can’t live their faith without the Eucharist. Of course, it’s a central rite in the Catholic Church but the most important is a personal faith. It’s only the personal faith and not the rite that connects us with God.

In this period the believers are invited to rediscover their faith without any mediators. 

Prayer is the best way to nourish faith.

It’s important not to live our faith only in our communities but also in our homes and in our hearts.

God doesn’t have any borders, God lives in our hearts.

I hope that pandemic time will teach the practicing believers that the celebration is not the most important part of our religious life. God knows our hearts and hears our prayers. It’s the most important thing to know. Our relationship with God is a really precious miracle that can’t be destroyed just because we can’t participate in religious celebrations.

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