Who are the Christians? It’s not a simple question to answer because there are a lot of little differences in Christian cultures, in confessions. And we can be Christians in different ways.  But we all have the same faith in the same God of Trinity. The center of our life is our faith, we try to be a good disciple of Jesus our God, to be in the right way to reach our God and maintain the relationship with Him.

The Christian is not just a person who recognizes that Jesus is the Son of God and goes to the church. It’s also the person who is ready to help the other in the difficult minute of his life.

Nowadays this question is very sensible with all persecutions of Christians in the Orient and with the difficult situation of Syrian people.

For me the real Christian is the person, to who is ready to help, to serve another not for his profit but for his faith, for his God. And no matter what religion is this person.  Of course, this is the ideal of Christianity.  But the Christians are also people who were born in the culture of Christianity. We can say that it’s not the Christians, but they live with Christian philosophy. And no matter that they don’t admit it.  For example, the person who said that he isn’t Christian but he was baptized in childhood. He doesn’t want to have a connection with his church. Whatever, he knows and he wants to live with the commandments. Normally, the laws of Christian countries are in reality formed from commandments. The charity is well is the base of Christianity. We don’t think about it. The Christians who practice their confession are the tendency to try to be better as they are with their faith. But we can’t forget that we are all Christians with our practice, but not all of us are the real disciples of Jesus Christ.

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