It’s not a very simple question to answer. The Bible is not just the ancient book but it’s really a huge library that conserves the legendary history of the Alliance between the Jew People and God in the Old Testament, and the Alliance between God and all humanity.

The Old Testament has a rich history of composing. I will not envisage all subtitle details of composing of the Old Testament. But I would like just to notice that it’s a long oral tradition that precedes the writing version. Most of the books of the New Testament appeared in the I and II century. It’s very important to understand the Bible, not as the real story, real historical event, but to try to search the allegorical, symbolic, and theological meaning. We shouldn’t understand the Bible as the Historical Book but as the Book of Wisdom and Revelation. The Christian Bible has some variations. Catholics and Orthodoxies have not the same canon with the Protestant Churches. In fact’ we can see the difference in the Old Testament books. Catholic tradition accepts the Greek books of the Old Testament as the part of the Canon, but the Protestant Church accepts only the Hebrew Books. Oh, yes… I’ve forgotten to say that the original Old Testament was written in Hebrew but we have also the books of the Old Testament in Greek that were written in Alexandria. We called this Bible Septuagint LXX (II century BC). And the New Testament (even if it could appear strange) was written in Greek. Of course, there are many theories that Greek is just the tradition of Aramean or Hebrew, but as we have only Greek manuscripts, we accept the Greek version as the first one. The Bible is the heart of the Christianism. It’s the Library that gives us the Revelation of God. And thanks to the Bible we can have the dialogue with two other monotheists religions. I’m talking about Judaism and Islam. It’s not a secret that our Old Testament was born from the Hebrew Bible (TaNaK) and Koran conserves much information of the Old Testament and even about Jesus. In Islam Jesus is not the Son of God, but the only prophet.

Bible is the key that can help us to approach our God. But it’s important to understand the Bible in the correct way.

I wish you a good Bible lecture 😉

P.S. If you have any questions about the Bible, I will answer you with great pleasure.

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