Today I would like to talk with you about Jesus – the Son of God in Christianity. We have many historical versions about this person and different theological interpretations about his relationship with God. 

Muslims say that Jesus is one of the greatest prophets. But it’s not the case of Christians.  We say that Jesus is not just the prophet, but also the king and priest. He is the Son of God and God himself. He occupies an important place in the Trinity. But what does it mean for the simple, ordinary Christian Jesus the Son of God? It’s not a simple question… I can give the theological signification with many scientific terms, but I think that it’s more interesting here to give my own experience of Jesus the Son of God as Christian.  The understanding of God was formed in Christianity by the experience of Christians.  The mystery of Jesus is that He is the God and the simple Human at the same time. God in Christianity is in active contact with his humanity. With Jesus, the believers open the new face of God, of God who is very close to us. And for us, it’s the real and authentic Face of God. With Jesus, we can discover the real God and we can establish the relationship with real God that understands, loves, teaches, and help us. Jesus is not just the Son of God, but he was also the Man with all sensations of the simple human. After Jesus, we can be sure that God knows what does it mean to be a fragile human.

I propose you to write in comments what does it mean the Son of God to you.

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