Catholic faith has been mostly driven with deep rooted spiritual union with God, Mother Mary and other prominent Saints of philosophy. A devoted Catholic is tremendously supported by imageries displayed in the form of statues at churches. Moreover the catholic television networks assist Catholic family lives by connecting each member around faith practices. Study and deeper understanding of the Word of God, daily bible reflections, meditation and faith enhancement programmes, daily recitation of the rosary and other recitals, daily prayers and mass are few of the key programmes that are streamed on such Catholic channels. Especially if you reside in a country where Catholic is a religion practiced with a minor population, such emblems and facilities are of great value to the devotees. During the worldwide lockdown most of us faced as people of the planet Earth, when we could not visit churches and as we made our homes the church and the family as the prayer group, such catholic television networks was a connecting string for spiritual reality. Hence to ease further awareness of worldwide spread Catholic television networks the authors trust this write-up would immensely support the readers.

Vatican Media

It’s the national broadcaster of Holy See’s based in Vatican City, first aired in 1983 at Rome, Italy. Out of all the available Catholic Television Networks, the Vatican Media airs official programmes held at the Vatican with the participation of Holy See including daily mass and other communal religious programmes covering main languages. It also contains other news about the Church such as the liturgy calendars. Vatican media previous programmes could also be viewed via Youtube.


The Eternal World Television Network, currently an American based world’s largest Catholic Network that airs around-the-clock Catholic-themed programmes. EWTN is widely active in Youtube via live streaming, also daily updates available through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles.

Catholic TV

A Catholic television network based in Watertown, Massachusetts and is the first Catholic channel in the United States with 65 years of history. It streams daily and weekly masses along with other programmes acting as a beacon of hope that spread a profound message of Jesus Christ.

Catholic Faith Network

Actively broadcasted in Verizon, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas streaming liturgical and papal programmes offering services to the Catholic Church and Bishops by proclaiming good news of the Lord. Live streaming available via their website and various social handles for daily updates.

Catholic Television of Nigeria

A Catholic Television Network based in Abuja, Nigeria running since a decade time offering a major service for strengthening faith evangelism especially in a country stricken with economic poverty. Despite access to basic necessities in life Nigerians and other West African countries are severely driven by faith in God over everything about their lives.

Cebu Catholic Television Network

Based in Cebu city, Philippines owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu and a private company in the year 2002 that stream programmes in the official Cebuano language. CCTN broadcasts daily Catholic mass service, current news, affairs, seasonal dramas, sitcoms and talk shows.


Gained its name as it was launched in the year 2000. Another broadcasting network based in Rome, Italy that primarily airs Catholic themed programmes, also owned by Italian Episcopal Conference.

TV Maria

Another Philippine based Catholic Network however it is the national Catholic Television channel of Manila, Philippines launched by TV Maria Foundation Philippines in the year 2006. The station broadcasts in-house and packaged shows in the languages of English, Filipino, Tagalog.

Katholieke Radio Omroep

Netherlands based public broadcasting organisation founded in 1925. The television network consists of both Catholic theme related programmes and other Dutch life related shows such as Boer zoekt vrouw (Farmer wants wife) that gained a higher rating.

Salt + Light Television

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Salt + Light television network is a multilingual category B channel. Founded in the year 2003 that broadcasts a variety of Roman Catholic based programmes such as daily mass, documentaries, live events coverages, talk shows etc which enhance faith practices of Canadian Catholics. It broadcasts in the languages of English, French, Italian and Chinese.

New Evangelization Television

Also known as NET-TV is a Brooklyn, New York based Catholic Television Network founded in the year 1988. Owned and run by the DeSales Media Group; the communication arm of Brooklyn Diocese airs various programmes such as All Things Catholic, City of Churches, Breaking Bread, Reel Faith etc. Watch NET-Tv live via

Catholic Life Television

Based in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, which broadcasts multiple faith enhancement programmes and awareness raising shows such as Roots of Faith; which explores the available dioceses in the region. Further streams Coffee talks about Catholicism, Catholic marriage life and other theological context. Watch their live stream via

Noursat (Tele Lumiere)

Christian television station based in Beirut, Lebanon supervised by the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon which broadcasts programmes to promote the principles of love, justice, freedom and human rights which are fundamentals to Christian life.

Vale TV (Valores Educativos Television)

A former educational channel in Venezuela run by the Archbishopric of Caracas later converted to Catholic prominent Television network which broadcasts morality, cultural and educational awareness in the Venezuelan territory. Broadcasted language is Spanish.


Another Dutch public broadcasting company based in Hilversum, Netherlands but serves the Catholic & Protestant Christian Communities in the country. 

Further to the above mentioned widely known and watched Catholic Television Networks, the following networks also serve Catholic community in various countries. 

The United States has various TV channels for most of the archdioceses as the Catholic community there is more widespread to many other religious practices compared to other countries. Whilst most of the Catholic and religious based television networks are operated as non-profit business the advertisement schedule is eliminated or restricted to a greater extent, henceforth more informative programmes and knowledge could be transferred to viewers across such niche television networks. Catholic channels are an additional great source in delivering the wider theological and spiritual knowledge possessed by the priests and other leaders of the Catholic Church who could only transfer it through daily or weekly masses. On a day when you feel like awakening your soul to spirituality, sit down and enjoy one of the useful programmes of the Catholic Television Network aired in your country.