Rosary also known as the Crown of Roses is a widely recited and practiced by millions of Catholics in the world. With no limitations to church walls all Catholic homes in the fraternity recite this devotional prayers every day. Holy Rosary is the most blessed spiritual shield given to the Catholic community to be safe from trials, tribulations and perils in life. In the thoughts of devotees the Rosary is a bridge connecting us; the poor sinners with the kind heart of our Mother Mary, it is a journey towards understanding more about God and his love. The faithful relationship Catholics possess with the Holy Rosary is unbreakable and undeniable. It is an affirmation heard aloud from all the Catholic Churches round the world as Mother Mary is worshipped with immense love and faith in heart.

The Holy Rosary is also identified as Crown of Roses as we believe each time we recite this powerful prayer we offer a rose to our God in heaven through the most Blessed Virgin Mary. The prayer is made out of twenty decades in total. Each decade consists ten beads for which the most powerful prayer; Hail Mary is recited. Three types of mysteries beautify the Rosary; Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious & Light recited at the end of each decade. Through each mystery, we reminisce the birth, living, passion and death of Jesus Christ. The most Holy Rosary given to this world by Saint Dominic unfolds the history of vengeance and unspiritual lifestyle of people back in the day. As a medium to be cleansed from their sinful ways, the Saint prayed wholeheartedly to God asking for pardon on behalf of the people and a way to change their sinful lives. In answering the saint’s prayer God through the most Holy Mother gave the Rosary prayer to be recited in order to obtain salvation to humankind. As Saint Dominic spiritually guided the people around the Holy Rosary, they changed their inhumaneness and tuned towards God. However, with time the devotion to the Rosary gradually reduced and Virgin Mary made an apparition to a Dominican priest; Blessed Alan to revive the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary initially instituted by Saint Dominic.

Even to this day, the Holy Rosary is considered and devoted as the most powerful shield in hand for Catholic to fight against any trials and afflictions coming their way. Multi folds of miraculous stories lie around the Rosary strengthening the faith of the devotees. The strength of the prayer remains as the devotee continuously acclaim the greatness of the Lord and the kindness of the Mother who were humble enough to do Gods will in the toughest times. It reassures the softness of Mother Mary’s heart who never abandon her children that come in search of comfort and love. When you feel desperate and lost in this journey of life our Mother is the provider of love, happiness and kindness. Moreover, Catholics strongly believe that Virgin Mary protects them wherever they go, even to the den of the evil. As ordinary human being is less strong to fight against the temptations and evil but the guidance and protection, they receive through reciting and living with the Virgin Mary embrace them like a cloak of protection at the direst time of need.

Throughout the historical apparition of our Blessed Virgin Mary such as Lady of Fatima, it was thoroughly emphasized to recite the Holy Rosary to receive salvation from our sinful acts. Even in the current context of time, the world is driven with war, calamities and man-made destructions. The people are swiftly forgetting and giving less importance for religion and its practices smoothly forgoing certain devotions that must be specifically given time and attention. Little did they know these obstructions widens the gap between people and God and our lives are less attuned to the calling of God. The rhythm in our lives begins to flow out of the way from God’s and ultimately we realize we are on a conjuncture of emotional disturbances.

The Holy Rosary is intertwined with the devotion to the Mary; Undoer of Knots, which Catholics believe praying to Blessed Virgin Mary, she help us reconciling the conflicts and problems in our lives that are considered as the knots. These conflicts could be misunderstandings amongst your family members, financial problems faced or hardships encountered with sicknesses. Sometimes in this human life, problems are so much so that we completely forget to live meaningfully as most of our mind is engulfed in the dreadful thoughts in relation to these afflictions. However, each time these life problems are encountered it is beautiful and desirable to tune towards God; our provider and Mother Mary; our comforter in search of console and calmness. Life never an easy journey for anyone but your relationship with God would make you feel that its running smooth by the grace of God alone despite all the hardships surrounded in your path.

The meditational moment established with God by the use of the Holy Rosary is a certain experience one must undergo each day to regain the strength lost by battling out against the spiritually weak human beings. Greater is the happiness that you gain by the time spent with God in prayer. Each time as we recite the Hail Mary and the mysteries of the Rosary we re-affirms that God is our beginning and the end. He alone are our strength for everything. We proclaim the goodness of the Blessed Mother and humbly request to pray to God on behalf of us now and until the hour of our death for we are poor and weak sinners.

Many Catholics believe including the writer of this article that as your carry a Rosary in your pocket each time, no harm could come closer to you and that you will never be ashamed by someone else or be fallen into any uncomfortable or helpless situations. For you are carrying Blessed Mother with you and the gigantic power of God is within you. When you strongly require help, hold tight to the Rosary and pray whole heartedly asking what you want, and no sooner you will realize your prayer was answered. Power of the Holy Rosary outreach beyond the human brain capacity to fathom as it is a spiritual understanding. Daily recitation of the Holy Rosary gifts you the required strength and spiritual enrichment making you a warrior for life.

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