The miracle of Fatima has changed the world forever. Three little witnesses were given a big task on a regular day in the field. They took heed and were faithful to follow the wishes of their Heavenly Mother. Despite the opposition from the Curia and Government, what was promised to them by the Queen of Fatima, came to pass. The Sun (Milagro do Sol) converted millions of Portuguese who experienced the Sun dancing in the sky.

The courage and faith of LĂșcia Santos, Francisco, and Jacinta Marto open the path to the graces of God for His people.

Newspapers published testimonies from all those present. It is a controversial movie for those who are not Catholic or skeptics who do not believe in the extraordinary graces given to the Mother of God. For the faithful, a spectacle of the mighty power of God in a time of turmoil and despair that brought up consolation to the world.

The movie Fatima was received with great expectation from Catholics, especially for the providential timing in which it was released. This pandemic has brought many to their knees and made them question about the existence of God. Fatima brings hope, faith, and love to those who watch it. It reenacts what happened 100 years ago and made it relevant again.

Many movies have been made about Fatima’s Miracle, but this one is more relatable; the acting and filmmaking are compelling, and even kids will enjoy it.

I was excited to watch the movie, I just did not know when, but after reading these reviews from people I admire and trust, I had to see all the goodness with my own eyes. ( Just as all the people who thought the kids were lying) .

The reviews are very positive in the Catholic realm. Word of Fire’s contributor Andrew Petiprin says, “The pivotal scene of the Miracle of the Sun puts us right in the midst of this weird and wonderful experience. As Archbishop Fulton Sheen intimated, people explain weird things in many different ways. But because of the film’s excellent storytelling, faithful filmgoers, like the faithful witnesses of the event itself, will be compelled to drop to their knees and pull out their rosaries”.

This film by the Italian director Marco Pontecorvo promised what it delivered. A modern depiction of the century-old miracle that brought faith, hope, and love to the suffering world after the effects of the war and today, a glimpse of hope in the middle of a world pandemic.

This movie is one that would become a catholic classic, an evangelization resource on the power of the rosary to those who have not yet embraced the gift of the Mother of God. The tasteful choice of actors, impeccable acting, and delivery of the message will continue to be the topic of conversation for years to come.

I was enticed to buy the Fatima movie to share with the people in my church community that could not watch it, and many did the same. I have seen the openness of many to pray a daily rosary.

Are you praying for your miracle?

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