We could meditate this question from the theological, philosophical, sociological, and psychological points of view.  But we couldn’t ignore this existential problem of our days.

This problem of the Peace of peaceful existence couldn’t be ignored by just the passive tolerance that can’t help us to live together in a better world. Nowadays we can live all that you want (if it’s legal), but we can’t really express our point of view. And frankly speaking, we don’t know how we can construct a real dialogue with other religions. We don’t know how to negotiate. The most awful is that we don’t want to decide this question. We don’t want to exit from our comfort zone with comfort people and the usual entourage. So, I would like to give some similarities between Christianity and the other religions.  Before beginning, I would like just to notice that I would give the Christian approach. The simplest one is, to begin with, the comparison between Christianity and the two other Abrahamic religions that are Islam and Judaism. Why were they called the Abrahamic religions? They are called so by using the name of the first patriarch from whom we can really begin the monotheistic era. Abraham is the first monotheist believer that has a very close relationship with God. So, he occupies a respectable place in all three religions. So, the most important similarity between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are that we have the same God- Father, God creator, and judge. But after we have a very strong divergence in the vision of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is God himself.  As well, the Christians have faith to the triune Godhead. To the first approach, it can appear as the total divergence without any possibility of approach. But then we learned that Islam recognizes Jesus as one of the greatest prophets with Abraham, Mohamed, and others 22 prophets[1]. Judaism speaks a lot about the רֹ֫עָה that means the breath and has the association with God. In this case, can try to do the comparison with the Holy Spirit. We can also meditate the origin of Christianity from and thanks to Judaism.

Now, let’s have a look at Buddhism. Is it possible to find any similarities between these two totally different religions?  Most of the people don’t even call Buddhism as a religion but as a philosophy. So, there are many differences, but there are also many similarities. Here I would like to show just one example, and it’s compassion. Compassion plays a very important role in the two religions. It’s one of the clefs to happiness in the two religions.

We can just conclude that the Peace between the different religions is POSSIBLE. We just need to find the positive similarities between the different religions to construct a positive dialog. We need to go out of our comfort zone and work out together for peace. The aim should be Peace between all religions founded on real tolerance, mutual understanding, and respect.

[1] Adam ; Idris (Enoch) ; Nuh (Noah) ; Hud (Heber) ; Salih (Methusaleh) ; Lut (Lot) ; Ibrahim (Abraham) ; Ismail (Ishmael) ; Ishaq (Isaac) ; Yaqub (Jacob) ; Yusuf (Joseph) ; Shu’aib (Jethro) ; Ayyub (Job) ; Dhulkifl (Ezekiel) ; Musa (Moses) ; Harun (Aaron) ; Dawud (David) ; Sulayman (Solomon) ; Ilias (Elias) ; Alyasa (Elisha) ;Yunus (Jonah) ; Zakariya (Zachariah) ; Yahya (John the Baptist) ; Isa (Jesus) ; Muhammad

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