Florida is an amazing place to have a wedding due to many reasons. The two most prominent ones are the warm climate so you can marry at any time and the number of wedding venues. Think about the Spanish heritage of the area, heavenly beaches, cozy churches. By the way, the latter is on us.

To make your special day unforgettable, let’s see what the 5 best wedding churches in Florida are. You can Google them and read reviews while making up your mind. The pictures are incredible as well, so one of these should definitely be your best pick!

1. Historic Andrews Memorial Chapel

Based in Dunedin, the Historic Andrews Memorial Chapel is the best place for a classic, elegant, warm wedding. It was built in a Victorian style and makes everyone looking at it fall in love.

It’s associated with purity and vintage authority. The design is classic, and the natural elements create an unforgettable atmosphere. Every couple, no matter the differences, is welcome in this chapel.

2. Ancient Spanish Monastery

The Ancient Spanish Monastery was initially built in 1133-1141 AD in honor of the Blessed Mother. It was brought to the US in 1924. Nowadays, it offers 5 stages for weddings. The widest ones are used for large weddings with around 300 people in attendance.

It’s ancient and angelic; an amazing place to start a new era of your life.

3. Old St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

The Old St. Andrew’s dates back to 1888 and is a true historic wonder. Its location is another reason to choose the venue for your wedding. It’s located in the Sports and Entertainment district of Jacksonville.

Having a vintage-style wedding there is a dream!

4. Congregational United Church of Christ

The Congregational United Church of Christ is an active historic church and one of the most beautiful places to get married in Florida. Located in Coral Gables, the venue invited couples of all religions and orientations.

This is a very progressive church, established in 1923, which promotes the notion of God’s everlasting love to every human being. You won’t encounter judgment here, only light, a historic atmosphere, and the most caring staff.

5. Chapel of Love

Located in Eustis, FL, this is the embodiment of every dream about getting married in a sweet, little white chapel. Around it, gardens are flourishing in the warmth of the Florida sun. Everything looks so neat you may think it’s some virtual reality trick.

The architectural style is traditional European, and most parts were created by hand. Every inch of the area is cared for with love, keeping the atmosphere of the place light and cheerful.

Make your fairytale come true!

Choose Wisely

Now, we may be tearing up writing this (don’t tell anyone). The choice of a place to say “I do!” to your loved one should be as warm and special as your feelings for each other.

The places mentioned above will not only bring your wedding an atmosphere of heavenly bliss but offer the best service!

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